Core skills of a pharmacy technician

Before entering any career such as a pharmacy technician, it is important that your try to see if your personal skills are congruent with what a pharmacy technician must possess. You must have yourself oriented with the core skills of a technician since this job is something you will do for a long time or for the rest of your life.

A pharmacy technician certification program can train and educate you with the skills that you need when you work hands on as a pharmacy technician. You must be equipped with the competencies of a pharmacy technician so that you can truly function as one.

1. Technical Skills

Critical thinking is needed when working as a pharmacy technician because you will need this skill to guide you in your decision making tasks.

a. Precision
Precision is a very important skill that a pharmacy technician must possess. The job of a pharmacy technician works with a lot of details so a keen sight with specifics is a must. You will be dealing with different inventory and sorting of medications, screening of physician’s prescriptions and patient’s drugs.

b. Mathematical and Computer Skills
The job of a pharmacy technician includes weighing, mixing and preparing medications and this entails a lot of mathematical computations. You will also do a lot of computer encoding and data organization so it will be helpful if you are well trained with computers.

c. Analytical Skills
The key to an efficient working pace is that you know how to analyze and strategize when you are placed on different dilemmas. You have to know how to trouble shoot as you will surely encounter different problems as a pharmacy technician in your workplace.

2. Interpersonal Skills

As a pharmacy technician, it is important that you know how to deal with different people and that you have a good working ethics and attitude. Professionalism and patient relations are the skills that will help you last in this career.

a. Communication skills
Since most pharmacy technicians will be working in a medical institution, you will experience a lot of coordination tasks with doctors, nurses and all other medical employees regarding different pharmaceutical problems. You will also be dealing with different customers with who you have to communicate well.

b. Multi-tasking and organization
The work demands of a pharmacy technician are quite overwhelming so you must learn how to handle different tasks all at the same time. In addition, you must also know how to organize your tasks accordingly and be able to prioritize them.

As a pharmacy technician, you are obliged to posses the competencies that your job asks from you. It is only through these skills that you can function well as part of your work team.