Pharmacy Technician Salary

A typical pharmacy technician salary is on average $13.30/hour. Their salaries range from less than $9.30/hour up to more than $19/hour. These salaries can vary depending on different employers or the different organization where a pharmacy technician is employed. In some cases, there are those who are more qualified for a pharmacy technician job and as a result they may earn higher salaries. Furthering one’s education and gaining valuable experience will only help to raise that person’s salary.

Pharmacy technicians perform several duties within the pharmacy that will help the pharmacist. Pharmacy technicians receive prescriptions and carry out the several steps involved in filling them out. They need to count out the pills and provide the appropriate information to go with that medication.

Pharmacy technicians also do a fair amount of filing and record-keeping that relates to the medication that they are giving out and relates to the customers and patients who receive that medication. Those who have experience with anything relating to these duties will have an advantage when searching for pharmacy technician jobs and having these skills may result in earning higher salaries.

A pharmacy technician salary can increase with education and experience. There are various schools and training programs across the country that teach the skills needed as a pharmacy technician. These programs vary in the subjects that are taught but most focus on pharmaceutical based terminology, mathematics, and filing.

Many of these programs also offer internships where students spend time with a current pharmacy technician. This helps them to learn many of the medications that they are working with, the uses of those medications, doses, actions, and effects of the medication. Completing these programs and internships are one thing that a pharmacy technician can do to increase their salary. After the completion of these programs, pharmacy technicians have the option to become certified pharmacy technician.

By passing an examination administered by both the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board and the Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians, pharmacy technicians can gain official status as a certified pharmacy technician. Gaining certification will also increase one’s potential for a higher salary.

Pharmacy technician salary can increase with certain career advancement. Employment growth for pharmacy technicians is expected to be much greater than average and job opportunities are expected to be favorable. With more pharmacy technicians employed, there will be opportunities for pharmacy technicians to advance to supervisory positions over the up and coming pharmacy technicians.

A position as a pharmacy technician supervisor will offer a higher salary than a pharmacy technician itself. In some cases, pharmacy technicians move on to become a pharmacist where they would have the potential to earn a much greater salary.

Pharmacy technician salary, like with any job varies and depends on several factors. To earn a higher salary as a pharmacy technician, one can never go wrong with more training, education, and experience. Those who wish to advance in their careers and earn higher salaries should continue to enhance their education within the field of pharmaceuticals.